Broadening Science Participation

As part of our commitment to broadening science participation, we actively seek out opportunities to engage with communities, stakeholders, and students on issues of genomic and metagenomic research.

Summer Internship for Native Americans in Genomics (SING) Workshop

Dr. Cecil M. Lewis participated as an instructor at the June 2014 Summer Internship for Native Americans in Genomics (SING) workshop hosted at the University of Texas at Austin. The goals of the workshop are to facilitate discussions about how genomics research is conducted and to create a support network for Native American students in the sciences.

“Genetic Testing in Native America,” Native America Calling, March 31, 2010

KOAHNIC Broadcast Corporation: These days, it’s not uncommon for expecting parents to screen their unborn child for genetic abnormalities such as SCIDS. Many tribal governments have instituted a moratorium on genetic studies because of traditional world views and spiritual beliefs. Navajo tribal leaders recently met with medical geneticists in Albuquerque to discuss common ground between Navajo beliefs and genetic testing. How can Native America benefit from modern genetic advances while remaining respectful to our traditional beliefs and practices? Guests are genetics specialist Dr. Nanibaa’ Garrison (Dine’) and Dr. Cecil Lewis Jr. Assistant Professor of Anthropology/University of Oklahoma. Listen here.