The Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research (LMAMR) are home to two state of the art laboratories: the LMAMR Ancient Lab, a world-class 6-room ISO-6 clean room for ancient DNA research; and the LMAMR Modern Lab, a fully equipped molecular biology laboratory specializing in high-throughput microbiome research.

LMAMR Ancient Lab

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The LMAMR Ancient Lab is a world-class ISO-6 clean room dedicated to ancient DNA research. Built in late 2014, the 6-room, 1308 square foot LMAMR Ancient Lab was custom designed to accommodate both ancient microbiome and ancient host paleogenomics research. The LMAMR Ancient Lab also features dedicated areas for sample storage and gowning, specimen photography and sampling, microscopy, volatile chemical handling and ancient protein extraction, and ancient DNA extraction and next-generation sequencing (NGS) library construction.

Construction of the new LMAMR Ancient Lab is now complete and we are currently transitioning our ancient research projects to the new lab. Check out the image below to see our progress and the latest photos of our new lab.


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The LMAMR Modern Lab is a fully equipped BSL-2 molecular biology laboratory specializing in microbiome research. The lab is subdivided into Pre-PCR and Post-PCR spaces. The Pre-PCR lab is divided into six work areas and includes ample room for sample sorting and preparation, automated robotics for DNA extraction, a biological safety cabinet for work with biohazardous material, laminar flow hoods for PCR and library set-up. The Post PCR lab contains thermocyclers for PCR and qPCR, a range of DNA quantification and characterization instruments, extensive cold storage capacity for long-term sample curation, and direct access to an autoclave facility. Additional resources available within the building include high-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) instruments and supporting equipment.