Professional and Student Training



Scholarly exchange and collaboration form the foundations of good science. Ancient metagenomics and microbiome science are rapidly growing fields, and we welcome faculty and professionals to contact us about potential visits or training, including longer-term sabbaticals.


Each year we accept a limited number of students from other institutions into our lab for focused training in ancient DNA analysis and metagenomic microbial phylotyping. This is a 4-6 week immersion experience in which students receive hands-on training, theoretical instruction, and supervision of the laboratory component of their research project. Interested students and supervisors should contact Dr. Christina Warinner or Dr. Cecil Lewis for more information. Please note that at present due to limited funding, we can only accept students who already have a funded research project. If you are interested in a training opportunity, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Project Proposal (1-2 pages) that describes: 1) the general project description, 2) the types of samples to be analyzed, 3) the hypotheses to be tested, and 4) sources of support.
  • Reference letter (1 page) from your faculty advisor about how this training experience would contribute to your degree completion
  • Your CV