New publication in PNAS by former LMAMR research affiliate and alumnus

LMAMR likes to recognize the efforts by a former LMAMR research affiliate and alumnus as co-authors in a paper that was published in PNAS. A summary of the article and its citation is provided below.

Since the Bronze Age, pastoralism has been a dominant subsistence mode on the Western steppe, but the origins of this tradition on the Eastern steppe are poorly understood. Here we investigate a putative early pastoralist population in northern Mongolia and find that dairy production was established on the Eastern steppe by 1300 BCE. Milk proteins preserved in dental calculus indicate an early focus on Western domesticated ruminants rather than local species, but genetic ancestry analysis indicates minimal admixture with Western steppe herders, suggesting that dairy pastoralism was introduced through adoption by local hunter-gatherers rather than population replacement.

Choongwon Jeong, Shevan Wilkin, Tsend Amgalantugs, Abigail S.Bouwman, William Timothy Treal Taylor, Richard W. Hagan, SabriBromage, Soninkhishig Tsolmon, Christian Trachsel, Jonas Grossmann, Judith Littleton, Cheryl A. Makarewicz, John Krigbaum, Marta Burri, AshleyScott, Ganmaa Davaasambuu, Joshua Wright, Franziska Irmer, ErdeneMyagmar, Nicole Boivin, Martine Robbeets, Frank J. Rühli, JohannesKrause, Bruno Frohlich, Jessica Hendy, Christina Warinner (2018). Bronze Age population dynamics and the rise of dairy pastoralism on the eastern Eurasian steppe. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI:10.1073/pnas.1813608115