CecilDr. Cecil M. Lewis, Jr.
Laboratory Co-Director
Presidential Research Professor, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Ancient DNA, Human Microbiome, Population Genetics; Disease-Associated Genetic Variation;
See also: OU Faculty Page, ResearchGate
Office Phone: 405-325-3415; Email:


tina-5Dr. Christina Warinner
Laboratory Co-Director
Presidential Research Professor, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Adjunct Professor of Periodontics
Research Interests: Molecular Biology; Evolutionary Medicine; Ancient DNA; Paleodietary Reconstruction; Oral Microbiome
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Office Phone: 405-325-2946; Email:

krithi-smDr. Krithi Sankaranarayanan
Laboratory Co-Director
Assistant Professor of Microbiology
Research Interests: Microbial Ecology; Biogeography, Evolution, and Phylogenetics; Microbiome Informatics; Microbiome-Host Interactions; Ancient DNA; Evolution in Hypersaline Ecosystems
See also: OU Faculty PageResearchGate.

Dr. Courtney Hofman
Laboratory Co-Director
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Ancient DNA; Microbiomes; Historical Ecology; Mitogenomes; Human-Environment Interactions
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Dr. Brian Kemp
Laboratory Co-Director
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Ancient DNA; Forensics, Population History, Human-Animal Interactions
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jiawu-smDr. Jiawu Xu
Laboratory Manager
Research Interests: Population Genetics/Genomics; Anthropological Genetics; Molecular Evolution; Phylogeography; Ancient DNA; Microbiomes
See also: ResearchGate
Laboratory Phone: 405-325-7381

Dr. Stephanie Schnorr
Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Interests: Human Diet; Digestive and Metabolic Physiology; Subsistence Technology; Hunter-Gatherers; Brain Development; Host-Microbiome Relationship; Ancient DNA
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Dr. Cara Monroe
Scientific Staff
Research Interests: North American Archaeology; California Archaeology; Ancient DNA; Turkey Domestication; mitochondrial DNA
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Rita160x120Rita Austin
PhD Student, Lab Meeting Coordinator
Research Interests: Non-Human Primate Microbiomes; Comparative Skeletal Anatomy; Osteology


HagenRichard Hagan
PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Interests: Anthropological Genetics; Human-Microbe Coevolution; Diet and Disease; Microorganisms in the Development of Human Food Technologies


Dave160x120Dave Jacobson
PhD Student
Research Interests: Reproductive Microbiome; Evolutionary Medicine; Population Genetics; Public Health; Brazil


Justin160x120Justin Lund
MA Student
Research Interests: Molecular Anthropology; Ancient DNA; Population Genetics; Peopling of the Americas


Allison Mann
PhD Student
Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Gut Microbiome; Parasitism; Population



NishaBNisha Patel
PhD Student
Research Interests: Anaerobic Microbiology; Gut Microbiome; Chemotaxonomy; Characterization of Novel Organisms





Paul LawsonDr. Paul Lawson
Director, Center for Microbial Identification and Taxonomy
Professor, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
University of Oklahoma
Office Phone: 405-325-4426
Research Interests: Microbiology, Environmental Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Anaerobic Microbiology; Microbial taxonomy
See also: OU Faculty Page

Paul SpicerDr. Paul Spicer
Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of Oklahoma
Office Phone: 405-325-9291
Research Interests: Anthropologies of Health and Human Development; Medical, Psychological, and Educational Anthropology; Alcoholism, Obesity, Genetics; Native North America
See also: OU Faculty Page


Andrew2Dr. Andrew Ozga
Alumnus (PhD)

Research Interests: Human Viromes; Population Genetics; Health of Indigenous Peoples; Ancient DNA; Human Microbiomes; Paleopathology



Cleeland-smDr. Lauren Cleeland
Alumna (PhD)

Research Interests: Prehistoric Parasitism; Southern Plains Archaeology; Ancient DNA; Prehistoric Diet; Lithic Analysis; Prehistoric Ecological Management



AlexandraDr. Alexandra Obregon-Tito
Alumna (PhD) and International Project Coordinator




RaulRaul Tito
Former Research Associate






IMG_4076-jessie-sm-smJessica Hendy
PhD Student, University of York, UK




IMG_4071-kirsten-sm-smKirsten Ziesemer
PhD Student, Leiden University, Netherlands




Maria3-sm2Maria Nieves Colon
PhD Student, Arizona State University




PatrickPatrick Schiller
Undergraduate Student, Harvard College




IMG_4995 copy 2Joel Olvera
MA Student, UNAM, Mexico




AnaMorales_cropAna Morales
PhD Student, University of Calgary, Canada




IMG_0482-cropIrina Velsko
Postdoc, Oxford University, UK